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16 June 2011 @ 05:49 am
stupid girl  
"you always had to be right but now you've lost
The only thing that ever made you feel alive"
sometimes i have to remind myself what is really important

I love music because its so emotional, it pulls me in and reminds me of things i have a tendency to over logic

like this
i control
but at what cost?
i can excuse it away, explain it away all i want
but in the end what matters is what happens not who was right
this reminds me to watch my step and not lose sight of whats really important
he is
no matter how right i am if i hurt him or push him past breaking
broken is broken and being right cant and wont fix that.
so jillian consider this your reminder
you hold his heart, and it is much more fragile then yours.
you know this, dont forget it.
dont forget to love first, nurture first, cherish first
then worry about being right, dont be right at the expense of his heart
its just so much more invaluable dont lose sight of that